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By Larry

*Happiest of Birthdays to Rosalyn B., Barb B., Tim S., Mark P. and Bill L. in Indianapolis!!

*Don't forget tonight is Dining Out For Life, the annual fundraising event where local restaurants donate a portion of today's proceeds to Chicago area AIDS agencies. Visit diningoutforlife.com for participating restaurants.

*Looking for a fun, inexpensive evening out? Go see Rod Blagojevich Super Star at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater on Navy Pier. It's well worth the $28!!!

*Additional Post-Workout recommendations to keep you healthy and injury-free. D) Stretch. Stretching immediately after a workout is ideal because your muscles and joints have an elevated temperature, which makes your body more pliable. Stretching aids the central nervous system in becoming more sensitive to the physical demands placed on it, so opposing muscle groups work in a more coordinated way. And, it promotes elasticity and greater circulation in the joints, which can help prevent injuries. E) Get a massage. Massage speeds recovery by removing by-products (lactic acid) from muscles. It also brings a greater blood supply to areas that need healing. F) Eat smartly. High-intensity or long exercise can deplete your immune system on a short-term basis, so consume foods high in Vitamin C and E.


Fresh Tomato and Feta Frittata

*1 large egg
*2 large eggs (just egg whites)
*1/2 cup chopped tomato
*1 tablespoon feta cheese (crumbled)

1) Whisk together all ingredients.
2) Cook the egg mixture over medium heat (without stirring) in a small skillet coated with cooking spray for 4 minutes or until eggs are firm.
3) Flip and cook other side for 2 minutes more.

Enjoy for breakfast or anytime of the day!

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